Friday, December 18, 2009

The End of an Era: Mitchelli's Set to Close

84 Yesler has been a restaurant location since the 40's and the Mitchelli Family has been stewards of this location for over 3 decades!

We are currently serving the infant children of the children of our original guests. The bond and the trust generated between us all is a result of the assurance to our patrons of quality, value, service and cleanliness.

We are proud and thankful for the many years of service to our community, and it is with a deep sense of regret that we announce the closure of "Mitchelli's".

We would love to continue if not for the many problems caused by the current economy. As much as government is trying to help small business, it continues to contribute to putting them out of business across America! Think of us as the farms of the 30's great depression! Banks foreclosed on them and turned them to dust; now government is shuttering business doors and putting more and more people out of work. Small business is the backbone of the economy! How many more shuttered doorways do you need to walk by?

I have personally written all my elected officials. Our President was kind enough to respond, although his contact information cannot help us. No one else deemed it important enough to call or write!

The restaurant will go dark on January 1, 2010. An auction will take place on January 20, 2010.

We will be having two closing parties, one on December 30th and the other on New Year's Eve, from 5PM until close each evening. Bring a thirst, a hunger, a celebratory mind set and any musical instruments for the "Trat" jam!! Be sure to hit your ATM before you come as both days will have deeply discounted fare, hence the need for "Cash Only". We want to help you eat and drink it till it's gone!!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mitchelli's Celebrates its 33rd Anniversary

Help us celebrate the good fortune of serving Seattle for 33 years!

Until December 30th, bring in this certificate for a 3-course dinner for two, including a celebratory glass of wine to complement your entree! Mount Baker Vineyard's award winning Syrah will be served with your entree.  Come savor the best of two worlds - the holidays and years of friendship!

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED.  Call (206) 623-3885

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Holiday Thanks to our Guests

I would like to give thanks to all of our loyal guests and patrons that have eaten with us over the years. It has been especially rewarding to me and my family to have so many coworkers come in and share their memories of their time at Mitchelli's. It always amazes me that we have had so many hardworking, dedicated graduates that still hold a special place in their hearts for the "Trat"!

Giving thanks for all the blessings reminds me of our fabulous Thanksgiving Dinner for the Lutheran Compass Center this year. The men from the Center ate and enjoyed a delicious traditional feast, prepared by a 20+ year coworker, Donald Newton.  The foods were partially donated by some of our 30+ year purveyors, including Seattles favorite spice man, Ron! This was all served up in the kitchen by our eldest son and daughter, Dan and Dana. I was the greeter and the dishman.

But the true spirit of giving came from this extraordinary couple who came to us from the Pioneer Square Hotel across the street. They were in for a late night snack the night before Thanksgiving and as I engaged them in conversation our thoughts went to the next day and what their plans were for Thanksgiving. They had nothing special planned so I invited them to join us in our annual Thanksgiving Day dinner service to our great neighbors from the Compass Center at 11:00AM. Well, they were the star servers for 70 guests!  They worked with hearts full of joy and giving. Secret be known, without them we would not have had enough volunteers to get the food out hot! I really dropped the ball - I forgot that Sherry always did the reach out for volunteers! No Sherry, no volunteers! My bad, but wow...I am always amazed at people and their ability to give without reserve! Bless Cathy and Zach, travelers through Seattle who gave from their heart to help make Thanksgiving Day a very special one!

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Check Out our New Lunch Menu

Mitchelli's has a NEW lunch menu.  Lots of your favorites at LOWER prices!  With plenty of available street parking close by, Mitchelli's is the perfect place to drop in for lunch. 

Click here to view our new lunch menu.

Try the MitchWich at Happy Hour!

Well….the more one spends time in our joint, the more fun it becomes! One of my regular Happy Hour patrons, Brian Mitchell, came up with the idea of featuring a “MitchWich”! It has nothing to do with trick-or-treating, but actually it is a fantastic treat! A small bun with Frankie Isernio’s sausage, some caramelized onions, a little red bell pepper pesto, and a wee sprinkle o’cheese!!! Mmmmmmm goooooood!

We’ve had too much fun with this great Happy Hour appetizer. Then one day we were missing baseball season and eating MitchWiches... all which gave birth to a new appetizer - the “Ball Slider"! Oh yeah! A meatball first pitch on a bun with peppers & onions, and a splash of Marinaraners sauce!

So…of all the people in all the world, another Mitchell walks into “Mitchelli’s” and starts making goodies for us all to enjoy! Gotta love it! Only in America…..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Garlic Gulch Days in Progress!

Anyone in the family get a cold yet? Ward off the cold and flu with some garlic at Mitchelli's! Besides with All Hollows Eve just ahead it might stave off the vampires and goblins of the night! The medicinal qualities abound in this tiny morsel - even the Egyptians noted 22 medicinal applications for the smelly bulb in their Codex Ebers. In 1858 Louis Pasteur realized it could kill bacteria. In 1983, biochemist Sidney Belman reported that by painting the skin of laboratory mice with garlic oil, he could inhibit the development of skin cancers.

Garlic subtle? No way! Subtlety is not garlic’s long suit. How such a small, delicate-looking package can pack such a wallop is a wonder. So, even if you think garlic isn’t one of your passions, and the amount of garlic called for in some recipes alarm you, go ahead and give ours a whirl - you are in for some delicious surprises! Our culinarians have created dishes for every palette. Try them out and see what suits yours best.

“There is no such thing as too much garlic” -T. McQuaid

Click HERE to check out the menu!

"The Details" at Mitchelli's

Some of our grandchildren went to Disneyland this summer.  Meanwhile, here at Mitchelli's, a sort of Disneyland (or a circus is more like it) came us! Remember the all the filming going on in Seattle this year? Well….Ray Liotta and Tobey Maguire, along with their fellow actors, were in Mitchelli’s to film several scenes for the upcoming indie black comedy, The Details! The filming all took place behind the scenes, office scenes - all in all a very exciting affair. The photos give you an idea of the intensity of their effort; we started in the wee hours of the morning and finished the shoot right before lunch. I’ve never had 15 people at once in my office before, wow! To think that I actually poked my head in the office at one point when the only person in it was Ray Liotta, and I asked him if he had remembered to place the wine order, he laughed!! All in all it was a great event and some of us even got to be “extras” in the film. It is due for public screening either at Sundance Film Festival or the Cannes Film Festival in 2010 so keep your eye out for The Details.